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Founded in 1983, Homeowners Mortgage Enterprises is an industry leading lender focused on efficiently and effectively originating, selling and financing residential mortgage loans.

Our mission to provide excellence in quality home financing by delivering an exceptional customer experience to all we serve. By delivering a full suite of mortgage loan products, we have successfully served the communities in our markets for over 32 years, earning our reputation as one of the premier residential mortgage lenders in the Southeastern U.S.

Homeowners Mortgage Enterprises is a proud member of the Towne Family of Companies, which includes Towne Mortgage Company, AmeriCU Mortgage and ACH Trust. We are licensed to originate in the majority of the continental United States and we service nearly 100% of the loans we process. This means that we control nearly every aspect of your transaction in-house, giving us the unique ability to consistently update you on the status of your loan no matter where you are in the process.

Our team of mortgage professionals provides an excellent support system to our growing clientele. We continue to expertly navigate through the ever-changing landscape of the mortgage lending business by offering unparalleled assistance, technical expertise and problem solving skills. Our goal is to provide an efficient, diligent and positive customer experience by closing every creditworthy loan in a timely and professional manner.